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Our continual success story

This site is dedicated to our continual success story. We have created events all over the world and as our picture gallery depicts our greatest event is none other than coordinating the China , Beijing Municipality , International, Intercultural, Spring Festival show in Chaoyang park , the second largest park in Asia.This event alone requires the participation of dance teams , traditional or other , entertainers , home cooked traditional cuisine creators and anyone with any skill that can be displayed throughout the six day duration of this event. The event is watched by a 600.000 strong Chinese public over the six day period so anyone wishing to particpate can be sure that they will be quite busy throughout the duration. The event is also shown on CCTV , the mass media China television broadcasting station . Therefore this simply means that more than 22 million people will have watched your performance so be prepared to smile ! If you wish to participate in this, or any other of our events, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will only be too happy to supply you with details of how you can play a role in one of our exciting promotional exercises. Ray McGarry.